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Bringing The Gifts Home


BRINGING THE GIFTS HOME - Online Webinar Course

This course is designed to have a bi-focal vision; one that focuses on what is happening for you in the here and now, and one that creates the conditions for real change to manifest. I offer you tools, techniques and practices to guide you through the challenge of grounding vision.

This Programme offers Incorporation Guidance for grounding vision back into everyday life - at home and at work. Our meetings will take the form of six facilitated live group calls at fortnightly intervals.

At certain points in our lives we might have an ‘aha’ moment, an epiphany if you will. Perhaps someone close to us dies, maybe we lose our job, or it could be that we have just returned from a retreat or a vision quest. Whatever the catalyst or trigger - at certain points in our lives dreams arrive; moments of clarity and with them a vision of how things might be different.

What’s Next?

How do we land these experiences, and make meaning of them?

How do we take them into our world, at home and beyond?

This is where the real journey often begins.  

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