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Modern Vision Quest

image by Fabien Weiss

image by Fabien Weiss


This programme honours powerful ancient practices of going into nature alone, to reconnect, to draw insight and wisdom, and to bring a special kind of peace and purpose back to everyday life.

This year, Modern Vision Quest will take place in West Highlands of Scotland, where each participant will spend four days alone as part of their quest. The programme involves three days of work preparing for the process, two days after the quest to integrate the experience, and two calls in the months after the journey – helping to keep the essence alive back at home.

The purpose of a rite of passage, of course, varies depending on one’s age and circumstance, but I think it is fair to generalize that a rite of passage is primarily geared toward our need for creating (using modern psychological language) consciousness; consciousness about oneself, one’s place in the world, and about the world itself. In other words, to stay awake, to be aware, to see (inside and out)! And this kind of consciousness, as we know, is usually initially thrust upon us through painful severance, followed by a descent into those darker places. Rarely is consciousness something we choose!

Betsy Perluss

Later Event: 11 October
Wild Awake