DATES: May 9th - May 20th 2020

LOCATION: Asterousias, Crete. The short film (to the right) offers a glimpse into this peaceful land.

COST: £750, Early Bird (2019) £675

Cretan Vision Quest

Next year our Cretan Vision Quest will take place on the mythical soil of Crete. We will guide this twelve-day programme in a stunning and secluded region, found on the south east coast. This hidden gem gifts us with Cretan sun, the Libyan sea, caves long inhabited by hermits and religious pilgrims and the soaring wings of vultures in the Asterousian mountains.

About Vision QuestS 

‘Vision Quests’ or ‘Vision Fasts’ have been practiced by many indigenous people and cultures across time. We are living in the midst of change and uncertainty. Modern life can be overwhelming with its constant demand to do and have more, while the world around us starts to collapse under the strain. Many people are searching for a deeper sense of belonging, to re-connect with nature and community. The Vision Quest, in it’s modern form, offers an opportunity to remember our ancestral roots and our relationship with the land. At the heart of our time together lies a four day solitary immersion into nature to seek guidance. This is a unique way of opening up to a bigger perspective and reconnecting with what matters most.


Whilst the ‘Solo Fast’ itself will involve setting off alone on the stunning and varied local terrain, our base camp accommodation, during the preparation and integration phases, will be in simple basic rooms in a very small nearby village. There are cooking facilities with everything you may need for your stay, and the village itself is characterised by the warm hospitality of a few locals who live there during these quiet times of the year.

After you’ve had a chance to settle in on the first day, we will make you a delicious supper and invite you to head to the beach for introductions, a Cretan mythic story and a chance to meet the land.


Our preparation days will be spent together outside among the diverse local landscapes: from salt pans, to a deserted cave monastery, to olive groves…

This time, referred to as The Severance Phase, is dedicated to experiments in truth and deep listening. The process involves a deep dive and the asking of necessary questions to craft your intent for your solo time.

Questions such as:

Where am I stuck in my life?

What prevents me from being fully authentic with others?

What is my deepest longing?

What is needed to make space for something new to emerge?

Our time together during this phase will include, Way of Council, time spent in nature exploring with The Four Shields of Human Nature, Mirroring, Story-telling and Body-based exercises to support centering and relaxed awareness.


The vision quest is nothing but a circle drawn in the dust, an empty form filled by the perceptions and values of the candidate. It is a mirror in which one sees oneself reflected
— Steven Foster

This time is characterised by stepping across a threshold, into the unknown. Settling into the subtlety of your own inner nature, and the truth of your being, you will each head out alone into the wilderness to enter a period of fasting and ceremony for four days and four nights.

This part of the quest is where your unique treasure can be found.


We will meet again as a community to celebrate, listen and share the stories of your time away. These stories will be carefully mirrored back to you by your guides.

Incorporation literally means taking into the body. We believe any lasting transformation must include a connection and relatedness with our bodies - it’s not possible to just think ourselves to change. During this phase we will share body-based practices to support grounding the experiences. Both within yourselves, and into your everyday lives.

One of the essential components of a quest is ‘The Return’. We leave in order to return with our gift and new understandings. Finding ways to bring this home, not only for yourself, but for your relationships and community, is where the real work begins and everything we explore during this phase is to support you within this.

A minimum of 1 month before the program we will send you a Welcome Pack which will include logistical information and details about a solo medicine walk. We ask everyone to take part in a solo medicine walk - a day out on the land of your choice without food from sunrise to sunset as preparation for the quest.

If you'd like to know more do feel free to get in touch. We're both happy to have a conversation about the details of this programme and our approach. Please email Werner at or Natasha here

The purpose of a rite of passage, of course, varies depending on one’s age and circumstance, but I think it is fair to generalize that a rite of passage is primarily geared toward our need for creating (using modern psychological language) consciousness; consciousness about oneself, one’s place in the world, and about the world itself. In other words, to stay awake, to be aware, to see (inside and out)! And this kind of consciousness, as we know, is usually initially thrust upon us through painful severance, followed by a descent into those darker places. Rarely is consciousness something we choose!


May 9th - May 20th 2020

Location and Travel:

This programme takes place in the remote Asterousias region of Crete. You will need to arrange travel to be in Mires in Crete, by 3pm on the 9th May where we will pick you up and drive to our location. There are regular buses to Mires from Heraklion.

The Quest ends on the evening of 19th May so all return travel arrangements need to be made for 20th May.


£750 including all guiding and local transfers from and to Mires. An Early Bird price of £675 is available for bookings before 31st December 2019.

One bursary spot is available at £500. To apply, please contact us with a description of why you would like to come and be part of the journey.

For Locals (living in Greece) the cost is Euros 650


Accommodation: Shared Double Rooms costs on average 180 euros for the whole period (max 15 Euros per night). Single Rooms cost on average 360 euros for the whole period (max 30 Euros per night)

Our accommodation during the preparation and integration phases will be in simple basic rooms in a small nearby village, which is characterised by the warm hospitality of a few locals who live there during these quiet times of the year. All accommodation includes kitchen facilities and is rented for the whole period, including during the solo time.

Food, which is self catered. There will be ample time to buy supplies in Mires before heading to our base and there is a very basic shop locally should you need to stock up on simple foods.


If you'd like to know more do feel free to get in touch. We're both happy to have a conversation about the details of this programme and our approach.

To book or to make an enquiry please email Werner at or Natasha here



Werner Pilz is an experienced Vision Quest guide and Wilderness Facilitator with over ten years experience as a lead guide. He trained with the School of Lost Borders and has been guiding Vision Quests and facilitating Way of Council for ten years. He is a member of the German-Speaking Wilderness Guides Network and has been working within this organisation for approximately twelve years. He is also a proud father of two 21 year-old blossoming women.

For more information about Werner please check out his website.


Natasha Lythgoe

I guide individuals and groups through transformative nature-based experiences.. With over fifteen years of experience leading programmes that connect people back to their true nature, I have been moved and honoured to witness countless stories.  What I call The Big Listen, listening and attending to what has purchase on your heart and the stories that live underneath whatever work you do in the world.

My approach which can be understood in terms of ecotherapy, nature connection and rites of passage embraces a reciprocal process that sees personal development and therapy as a part of nature as a whole. This way of working weaves together the main threads of my life; creativity, dharma (truth), mythic journeys, the intelligence of the body and nature.