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  • 3 ReWilding The Artist’s Way media inspirations, over 3 weeks to inspire you and give you a deeper understanding of the principles of this course

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ReWilding the Artist’s Way full length eCourse launches later in 2019.



re-experience yourself as part of nature



Using the structure of the cult book, The Artists Way, I first designed Re-Wilding the Artist’s Way as a response to calls for a nature based creative journey in personal transformation.

ReWilding The Artist’s Way draws on my background in guiding groups in the Arts, The Artist’s Way, Mindfulness and Nature Connection. It’s primarily a hands-on, experiential course aimed at supporting you to connect with your creativity, the bigger picture and re-connect with what matters most in life.

This is an ideal opportunity to explore creativity as an attitude – less in terms of object or outcome – but as a whole body activity, an experiential sensory-led process, in and with nature. The emphasis is on the development of curiosity, experimentation and playfulness with a big dose of awe and wonder in Nature.

My eCourse not only gives you a flavour of ReWilding The Artist’s Way but also reconnects you with the sensual, natural world - whether you live in an urban environment, or in a cabin in the woods.

When you open to your creative impulse and find a balanced focus, which includes focusing on the positive sensory experiences you can access in every moment, this increases your sense of wellbeing alongside opening doorways that may have been closed before.


Image by Karoline Hjorth & Ritta Ikonen and Quote by Martha Graham