• Rediscover your passion or 'thing'?

  • Unblock some of the barriers you have around doing it

  • Begin a new chapter

  • Participate in a personal and collective adventure in transformation

  • Explore ReWilding and the Arts in Nature

Using the structure of The Artist’s Way and the context of the natural world, this unique course draws on my background in guiding groups in the Arts, The Artist’s Way, Mindfulness and Nature Connection. It's primarily a hands-on, experiential, outdoors course aimed at supporting the student to claim their lives, or re-claim their lives. This might involve getting 'unstuck', taking risks, developing curiosity, connecting with creativity, appreciation and deeper kind of listening.

I designed this ten-week course as a response to calls for combining spending time in nature with The Artists Way. It is an ideal opportunity to explore creativity as an attitude – less in terms of object or outcome – rather as a whole body activity, an experiential participatory-led process, in and with nature.

At the heart of this process is a personal and collective journey in transformation. The relationship between what surfaces on the course and how this meets everyday life, a process sometimes referred to as incorporation will be carefully tended to. My approach seeks to prioritise the integration of the challenges - when stepping out of our comfort zones is necessary to grow -  and treasures, that might surface. In this way, enabling participants to digest their experiences into their 'everyday' lives.

Within this way of working there are qualities that express my values such as relationship, connection, relaxed embodiment, authenticity, presence, purpose and balance

This programme includes both lightness and depth. We need not take ourselves so seriously that we get in the way of our spontaneity, playfulness and risk-taking. However, we do need to take the parts of ourselves seriously that long for depth, meaningful connections and meaningful work

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Natasha Lythgoe

Natasha Lythgoe

I guide individuals and groups through life transitions with nature. With over fifteen years experience leading programmes that connect people back to their true nature, The Art of ReWilding weaves together the main threads of my life; creativity, dharma (truth), mythic journeys, the intelligence of the body and nature.

My passion is for workshops that explore deepening relationships and authenticity with ourselves and each other, in response to the landscape. This work supports radical shifts in both our understanding of community, the places where we live and how we choose to walk through this world (whether that is to live and work quietly in small areas or very publicly on grand stages). I love to do this outdoors through engaging the deep imagination, mindfulness and embodiment practices.

Underpinning this diversity is a strong thread influenced by a care for deep ecology, community and a desire to live a meaningful and connected life.