Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to be physically fit?

If someone has a physical disability and wants to take part, our Waking Up facilitated online course, all workshops that I run at the cabin and Coaching are all accessible for people with disability.

For people who have ME, who are recovering from a long illness and for people who may have a whole range of energy levels The Art of ReWilding programmes allow and actively encourage you to go at a pace that works for you. These are NOT physical fitness programme.  Rest and downtime - hugely underrated ways of being in the modern world - are valued here.

Are we camping?

This depends on the individual programme. Rewilding Photography is located in a country house for example. The Autumn Nature Quest, however, is a camping retreat, You’ll find specific details in the logistics section of each programme.

If we’re not camping are we in shared accommodation?

There is usually a choice of shared accommodation or single rooms. Feel free to request a single room if this is what you prefer - it’s almost always possible.

Do we go on long hikes?

No, these are not physical fitness programmes, although the Modern Vision Quest and the Autumn Nature Quest will involve some walking. I prefer to call it sauntering, as we stop off frequently to enjoy refreshments but also to try out different nature connection practices.

Can very specific dietary requirements be accommodated?  

Our food is largely vegetarian and a range of diets can be catered for. You’ll find a place to let us know your dietary requirements on the registration forms.

What if I don’t want to fly?

We encourage participants to travel overland to programmes and we ourselves began travelling to some programmes to facilitate without flying last year. Often times, booking in advance does help with costs. There is an excellent website called: The Man in Seat 61 - it’s an amazing resource if you’re looking to travel by train. There’s also lots of very reasonable coach companies.

What is Being Embodied? And why do we need it?

Put very simply, embodiment practices also known as somatic practices, show us how to relax, steady and centre ourselves.

Often times we go through our lives living from ‘the control tower’ above our neck, separated from an experience of being in our bodies. This is called disembodiment or dissociation, and it means we are cut off from our body. It might be through trauma or just because of the pace of modern life, and it has huge consequences. One consequence is that when we are cut off from our bodies we are out of touch with our empathic responses - we lose the ability to feel empathy.

Embodiment practices redress this imbalance. Practices you may already be familiar with: Yoga, Chi Gung, Aikido, Dancing, Focusing, Somatic experiencing, TRE.

Do I have to be an artist to join Rewilding The Artists Way course?

Absolutely not. The course explores creativity as an attitude and approach - it’s not about making good art.

What is myth?

Confusingly, Myth is a word often associated with the notion of a falsehood. But Myths, in the context of ancient folklore and traditional stories, in fact, speak the language of deep imagination, symbol, and truth-telling.

Myths helps us pose the big questions of our individual and collective lives. Why am I here? How do I uncover my destiny? What part will I play? What is the nature of passion, love, marriage? What will my legacy be? What is death?

Here is a piece I wrote, inspired by, and drawing upon the work of Sharon Blackie, Maureen Murdoch, Jospeph Campbell and Bill Plotkin.

Do I have to be an experienced meditator?

No. On many of our programmes, at some point there might be an invitation to do some exercises that help bring us more fully into ‘the moment’. These might be meditative in nature and they might not.

Some courses like ‘Waking Up’ do have a formal meditation elements and include downloadable led meditations that you are invited to listen to in between sessions. Other courses, like the Nature Quests have opportunities for spending time in nature alone.

Do I have to be a buddhist?

Absolutely not.

who are these programmes for? TBC