I guide individuals and groups through life transitions with nature. With over fifteen years experience leading programmes, that connect people back to their true nature, The Art of ReWilding weaves together the main threads of my life; creativity, dharma (truth), mythic journeys, the intelligence of the body and nature.

My passion is for workshops that support you to embark upon your path, change it or go deeper into the path you are already on. Programmes that bring you into a profound encounter with nature, making time and space to find a bigger perspective and connect with what matters most in life.

Underpinning everything is a care for deep ecology and community. When we act with ecological self interest not only do we support ourselves, our families but also the wider community of life.


My Philosophy

Alienated from nature, no longer experiencing it as a living presence, we sorely need to rediscover the sense that to be human is to be part of nature.

Intimacy with nature is not only therapeutic on a personal level, but also critical for where we find ourselves in our current planetary crisis. Once we understand that we’re connected to the environment, we see that the survival of our species depends on the survival of the planet.

We need to re-teach ourselves to see the universe as alive and to re-experience ourselves as part of nature.

My approach embraces a reciprocal way of being that sees personal development, creative approaches and therapy as a part of nature, as a whole.


Founder and Director of The Art of ReWilding

  • Wilderness facilitation include having designed and delivered programmes for and with; Way of Nature UK, Draussenzeit, School of the Wild, Wild Nature and Evolution Arts Centre.

  • Wilderness Guide training including with Animas Valley Institute and School of Lost Borders.

  • Certification in Outdoor Education Leadership, the year long at Schumacher College.

  • 1 year immersion training at West Country School of Myth

  • 1 year immersion with River of Soul exploring soul and shadow through the mythic context and group psychosynthesis

  • Running a private practice as a Creative and ReWilding Mentor/ Coach

  • Training in Generative Therapies with Stephen Gilligan

  • Focusing Skills Foundation training with Mindfulness with Compassion.

  • Certified TRE provider - Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

  • Accredited Mindfulness teacher having delivered bespoke courses in MBSR including within HM Prison Service for 4 years.  

  • 5+ years of Somatic practice in diverse modalities including Somatic Experiencing, TRE, Focusing, Family Constellations, Chi-Gung and Improvisation Dance

  • 25+ years Professional Fine Art Photographer including having exhibited internationally

  • 8 year full time Fine Art/ Photography training including a Masters in Photography and professional teacher training in the form of a PGCE in post compulsory education

  • 15+ years teaching and facilitating workshops in Mindfulness and The Arts, specialising in Creative Photography, Media Studies and The Artist's Way; developing presence and freeing creative expression

  • 20+ years’ meditation practice and an ordained Buddhist nun.

  • Non Violent Communication Certification specialising in the workplace

Influences and Training

I want to remember and thank my main wilderness mentor, Annie Bloom and the bison dream, without which I would never have found her.

For guiding me through the treacherous waters of spiritual bypassing (in both directions) I am indebted to my buddhist teachers Vessantara, Atula, Paramananda and Suchitta.

For showing me how to navigate myth, shadowlands and ritual with a wide, sincere heart and steady ground I am most grateful to Atula and Annie.

“ They’ll eat you up for breakfast unless you can show up as yourself ” - the first of many shared wise words from Daniel Ford whom I first shadowed on my teacher training.

I don’t forget the creative impulse that has lived with me from early in my life - without this I’d have been lost to nihilistic states of mind, for sure.

And to the life of this forest, including with my beloved, where I currently live, who teach me the ways of earth and relationship every day - thank you.

my home at the edge of the forest

my home at the edge of the forest

This is me with some radiant students before setting out to our base camp in the Asturian Mountains.

This is me with some radiant students before setting out to our base camp in the Asturian Mountains.