The possibility exists within each of us to live meaningful lives, to be on the path of transformation and unique contribution. Such a life isn’t a given; you have to want it and commit to it.

I offer one-to-one support to help you create a purposeful life aligned with your truth, whether the focus is at home or at work. This process might involve changing your path, or venturing deeper onto the path you are already on.


coming home to yourself

Natasha brings a light touch and embodied wisdom to the serious work of transformation. Natasha equipped me with the tools to make discoveries about myself, helping me to make the changes I needed. She has had a profound impact on my life.


My Approach

  • my approach encourages you to connect with your deepest values and make space for what matters most to you

  • meets your where you are, honours where you’ve been and supports openness to what’s next

  • offers tools and techniques that assist you to realise your dreams, heal wounds, transform problems and live your life’s calling

  • emphasises self care to strengthen your resilience

  • helps you move through limiting mindsets

  • cultivates self-awareness

  • develops deeper relationship with your physical experience to ground you in the present moment

  • unlocks dormant creative potential


possible areas of exploration

  • Nature-based practices on the land

  • Exploring the mythic elements of your deeper life story

  • Shadow work

  • Cultivating  your wholeness

  • Discovering ancestral influences

The way I work involves offering you optional home practice tools, this might involve reading, writing, somatic practices, going out on the land and creative exercises.

Sessions are available online or where possible, we can work face-to-face, indoors and outdoors.

We begin with a free 30 minute introductory session. From there, you can book future sessions on a pay-as-you go basis or book a block of sessions at a discounted rate.

I remain in continued professional development and have regular supervision. Read about the basis for my coaching work.


Read testimonials from coaching clients

I have struggled with depression and anxiety much of my adult life and tried just about every treatment, therapy and medication going. It was the point at which I got sick of ‘experts’, came off my meds and decided to follow the faint, but persistent, inner whisper to find my own way back to wholeness, that I stumbled upon Natasha. Thank god! The idea of “ReWilding” drew me in and walking and talking out in nature felt a hundred times more alive and empowering than sitting next to a box of tissues in yet another stuffy counselling room. Natasha skilfully peeled off the layers of civilised crap that were dragging me down, plugged me back into my own true nature, gave me confidence and practice at listening to and trusting my own inner wisdom and made me laugh out loud along the way. Her innovative and yet ancient approach made me fall in love with the journey again. Curiosity and love replaced fear. Her knowledge and creativity know no bounds. I feel incredibly lucky. My life now is unrecognisable to when we first met. This is powerful (and fun!) work. I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough.
— Leesa Whisker
Natasha’s skill and insightful way of working has enabled me to make massive changes. I first met Natasha whilst living with a fair amount of emotional chaos, spinning-out and over-identified with my wounded self most of the time. Her steady experience and way of working with the trauma body has shown me how to support and regulate my sympathetic nervous system whilst moving towards an acceptance with my past. Alongside this she has kindly and tenaciously challenged me to keep making decisions that ‘serve’ my life, and ultimately free me from old hard worn paths. Working with her has been a blessing.
— Anon
Natasha’s mentoring sessions are unique and transformative; we meet outdoors and walk our way to understanding. Experience is embodied and physically felt rather than just talked through and it feels luminous and unfamiliar to feel this lit up and motivated. I immediately experience a sense of belonging and enlivenment, walking in a beautiful, natural landscape with someone who clearly feels at one with the wild world. It means so much to have this space in which to share experience and Natasha’s lively, perceptive support has helped to clear a way through paths that had grown tangled and difficult to navigate. She is an ally in the wildwood.
— Ruth Lawrence
After my first mentoring session with Natasha I already felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and enthusiasm flood back into life. Natasha used therapeutic exercises and mindful approaches from her vast toolbox of professional and personal experience and combined them with active listening, connection with internal and external natures and a kind curious heart. I felt challenged and nurtured in equal measure and able to sit with grief in a way I haven’t be able to before.
— M.P.
Natasha brings a light touch and embodied wisdom to the serious work of transformation. Natasha equipped me with the tools to make discoveries about myself, helping me to make the changes I needed. She has had a profound impact on my life.
— Tristan
This was a re-discovery of myself and of my primary urges. What unfolded for the duration was a deep acceptance and embrace of who I want to be and what keeps the fire inside of me alive.
Many friends found me changed but could not say exactly how except for noticing a different light or radiance in me.
If I look back over the last year I cannot believe how much I’ve accomplished of what I’ve always dreamed but I’ve always put aside. I cannot recommend working with Natasha highly enough.
— Giulia Menichelli
Natasha has a gentle yet powerful way of working with a person. She has helped me to bring acceptance, love and a focus to my path and thoughts.
— Nana Tomova
Thanks for EVERYTHING. You’ve been a truly inspiring, loving, and supportive mentor. Don’t ever stop doing what you do so well.
— L.W
Natasha showed me how to acknowledge and turn towards the feelings of ‘the young one within me’ with warmth, encouragement and presence. Basically I learnt to be present to my neglected self. With Natasha’s guidance my most intimate relationships are flourishing.
— Caroline East
We walked, as sun dropped west and the land grew cold; we talked of elements, of stags, of men and the wildwood, of time alone with the trees. We saw a cloud of corvids flying into bitter citrus light, twelve dozen slate grey shadows calling up the evening. We devoured them as though they were the last birds on earth.
I cannot name the thing I love. It flutters on wings of red and black, it shuffles, pad footed among fallen leaves, it calls, full throated across the frosted field. It has a million voices and as many forms. It holds beauty in its wild song and autumn in its fur. A small sun rests in its eye and lights its summit. I breathe it in and out come words, and, gathered in the spaces in between, is love. Natasha’s mentoring sessions are unique and transformative. She is an ally in the wildwood.
— Ruth Lawrence